LED fixtures

LED fixtures

Internet and mobile devices are not luxury possessions anymore. And products and services not embracing this changing trend are likely to trail. The LED lighting industry has taken cognizance of the demands of its always-connected users and has come up with connected LED lights. But what are these lights, anyway?

Looks and Efficiency

Connected LED lights aren’t straight out of your clichéd sci-fi flicks. They look much like regular light bulbs. In fact, the bulbs also fit into a traditional light bulb socket. But despite the obvious resemblance, they’re nothing like your regular bulbs. The biggest selling point is the power efficiency. Moreover, they don’t get hot to touch unlike regular bulbs. At the most, an LED bulb may get marginally warm.

App Synchronization

There is no standard mobile app for LED lights and every manufacturer has its own dedicated application. Also different apps may or may not have unique responses to touches and gestures. For instance, a particular app may turn the bulb on or off with a simple tap motion. Similarly, a swipe across the interface may dim the light.

And the app can be used to control one bulb or a range of different bulbs. The app would also have a log showcasing the lights’ activation and deactivation history.

Automatic Scheduling

Schedules can be set up to automatically turn off and on the light(s) based on the time and date created. Such scheduling can be quite convenient for individuals who travel extensively and want to keep a check on their home lighting when they aren’t around. The automatic settings may also come in handy during winters when your hands are gloved and smartphone operation is difficult.

Smart Lighting is Not Too Expensive

Most buyers who haven’t yet delved into the world of connected lighting believe the setup to be more expensive. Smart lights may have started out expensive, but the prices are coming down, especially with mainstream players entering the realm and churning out massive units. The expensive ones are still around, but they don’t differ too much from the cheaper options. The color spectrum could perhaps be limited with the cheaper variants.