stair lighting

stair lighting

Successful residential and commercial lighting design takes advantages of the many features of LED stair lights. This modern lighting is energy efficient, long lasting and able to run on low voltage. It is also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Lighting with LED (light emitting diodes) fixtures or strips is an ideal solution for stairways, both indoors or outside.

Although the primary purpose of lighting is optimum visibility for whatever activities are taking place, safety and attractiveness are also important considerations. A stairway is usually well lit to increase safety, show the way and offer an invitation to move from one level to the next. The flexibility of LED lighting allows a designer to combine functionality with creativity.

Residential LED Lighting
Stairway lighting is not reserved for commercial buildings. It is becoming more popular in residences, perhaps because of its affordable efficiencies and definitely for its visual appeal. With an aging population, there is also a serious safety issue of tripping and falling on stairs. LED lighting solutions include:
• Recessed lights in the walls down near the steps
• Recessed lights near the ceiling shining down on the stairs
• Strip lighting along the handrail and/or along each riser

Although safety is important, most homeowners do not want their stairways to be so well lit they become a distraction. Fortunately, LED lighting can be activated by a simple motion sensor.

LED lighting is also practical outdoors in a home setting. Light bulbs at each step can welcome visitors to the front door. Strip lighting can outline the steps on a backyard deck, making sure no one takes a fall at an evening backyard barbecue.

Commercial LED Lighting
The many effective uses of LED lighting for stairways in commercial facilities include:
• Strip lighting on each riser in enclosed stairwells
• Recessed lights every few feet in stairway walls
• Suspended lights for more coverage in dark stairwells
• Recessed or strip lighting for each step leading into building
• Bulbs on rail posts outside to outline a hand rail

Whether for a single home, apartment building or large commercial complex, LED stair lights are available as light bulbs or strip lighting. They come in various colors and can be motion activated. The flexibility of this LED lighting allows designers to address safety issues while creating interesting, engaging environment.