LED technology has transformed the lighting industry. Traditional lighting has long created a list of problems while LED lighting solutions are abundant. In fact the only limitation is truly your imagination.

Since LED needs minimal housing unlike neon and incandescent light, LED extrusions are super low profile and super mobile. The extrusions can be suspended or mounted practically anywhere and in any configuration. The versatility of the extrusions are maximized since they can be made in several different shapes as well as sizes. Completely customize this already unique extrusion by color matching it to your ceiling or walls. The result is beautiful lighting that disappears when not in use.

Inside the extrusion, or housing, is the LED strip or tape. This tape can be used with prefabricated extrusions or you can create your own custom housing. The tape is offered in a number of varieties including different lengths, colors, and brightness. The tape is also available with different coatings that allow it different levels of durability to water and other elements. This kind of tape is ideal for outdoor use.

With this much variety and versatility in a product you are completely liberated in how you can use it. Make your lighting an accent by recessing it ceilings, walls, stair, and shelving. With LED lighting solutions it is just as easy to go bold and use the tape to create custom designs and configurations on some of those same surfaces. Use it to brightly illuminate precarious outdoor passages or to create a warmly lit ambiance on a patio. There is really no limitation to your lighting possibilities with LED technology other than your own creativity.

No longer do you have to consider where to place and how to disguise large and cumbersome housing utilized by neon and incandescent lights. Utilize LED lighting solutions in your home and business indoor and out to create any lighting effect you desire virtually anywhere. If that does not entice you do not forget about the long life of LED bulbs as well as the super low wattage output, both enormous long-term money savers.