Home LED lighting

LED lighting is quite popular today, LED lights can be found in gardens, along sidewalks, and even on garages. In addition to providing a much needed light source, LED lights can also provide an aesthetically pleasing accent to an area. This type of lighting can be used anywhere, from basements, to the home, and even the garden. However, most people rarely consider Driveway or Parking Lot LED Lighting. If there is any place that needs adequate lighting it is certainly a driveway or parking lot.

KLUS offers beautiful, functional, and durable solutions for outdoor led lighting.  Their products beautifully integrate LED fixtures into any area of the home, and the outside areas. This includes driveways as well as parking lots. This lighting is not standard and in addition to providing excellent and adequate light it is easy to install and is pleasing to the eye.

Often the lighting for a driveway consists of stakes in the ground, however KLUS provides a completing different take on LED lighting for a driveway. Their design features an HR-LINE profile which is suitable for surfaces used by vehicles. This type of profile allows for standard louds as well as operations involving any sort of use of maintenance of the surface. The lighting does not impede the normal function of the driveway or parking lot in any way. The lighting features an IP 67 waterproof rating indicating that it is safe and will not suffer damage due to water. The best aspect of this lighting is that the fixture puts out a light beam that is continuous. It is a line of light.

Driveways and parking lots need adequate lighting, however it can be difficult to find an adequate light source when considering the surface area available. By utilizing KLUS lighting solutions parking lots and driveways can offer safety and security while not interfering with the function of the area. Ample lighting will allow for proper parking, safer parking, and will allow users a well-lit area for security. KLUS offers the best when it comes to solutions for Driveway / Parking Lot LED Lighting.