LED Lighting

The LED Lighting Industry is continually on the global stage of innovation, providing unique opportunities to meet the needs and complexities required by clients from around the world. Throughout the remainder of 2016, there are three critically important LightFair Convention opportunities to be attended that help to highlight innovations in the LED Lighting Industry as well as the lighting industry as a whole. The top three conventions to attend in 2016: LightFair International, Light + Building, and LEDucation.

LightFair International
At the base of LightFair International, the goal of providing new solutions, new knowledge, and new discoveries at a conference that brings together the world’s most recognized and attributable innovators in the LED Lighting Industry, helps to make this one of the top conventions to attend for 2016. During the conference, attendees will have access to six pavilions that highlight LED products technologies that pave the way for the future. In addition to the vast information available at the pavilions, there are opportunities to gain accreditation through workshops, seminars, and lunch & learn sessions that directly apply to the LED Lighting Industry.

Light + Building
Held in Frankfurt, Germany, the Light + Building Conference has been recognized as the “world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology.” By incorporating smart system solutions through LED Lighting, the conference highlights how these solutions and modern designs enhance the quality of life for individuals from around the world. LED Lighting is at the foundation of economic efficiency, and this wave of technology is showcased by the LightFair Convention of Light + Building through exhibitor events, seminars and lectures, and the Innovation Award Celebration held at the convention.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the LEDucation Convention, held in New York City, a full range of Speaker Presentations and Accreditation Courses provide titles such as: Possibilities with LED, Stroboscopic Flicker, Residential Applications for LED Lighting, and LED Industry Roadmap. The direct incorporation of technology and trends related to the LED Industry make LEDucation one of the best conventions to attend as an LED enthusiasts.

Each LightFair Convention of 2016 will have unique insights into the LED Lighting Industry and will help you to achieve your competitive edge heading into the future.