Light emitting diode (LED) lighting has become a popular choice for lighting options in recent years. LED lighting carries numerous advantages over traditional lighting options such as longevity, efficiency and safety. As the kitchen is often the most used room in a home, it is also the area with the highest lighting demands. Not only will kitchen lights be on for large amount of the time, effective lighting is necessary to aid in detail-oriented tasks like cooking and preparing food. Kitchen LED light fixtures make great additions to any kitchen space.

Advantages of LED Lighting


Perhaps the most significant benefit to using LED lighting in the kitchen is longevity. An average LED light provides 50-100,000 operating hours, which is two-to-four times longer than traditional lighting options like fluorescent or sodium vapor. LED lighting lasts 40 times longer than the average incandescent light bulb. Not only does this mean longer-lasting light bulbs, it also means less money spent in bulb replacement, as well as less labor time spent changing bulbs.


LED lighting in the kitchen means your kitchen lighting requirements will be met by lower power-consumption amounts. Switching your kitchen lighting over to LED is predicted to produce a 60-to-75 percent improvement to the room’s energy efficiency. The energy-efficient nature of LED lighting is not just an eco-friendly option that home owners can feel good about, its lower power-consumption levels also saves money on power bills.


When it comes time to add kitchen LED light fixtures into your space, another huge benefit is how much safer they are. Due to the low heat-emission levels of LED lighting, they are a much safer alternative to traditional lighting sources in terms of fire safety and prevention. LED lighting only coverts 10 percent of its light source into heat, compared to incandescent lighting that converts 90 percent of their power into heat. That is a staggering difference when it comes to safety and fire prevention.

When it comes time to commit to a lighting option, adding kitchen LED light fixtures is an effective way to provide ample long-lasting light that is safe, efficient, and will save money on power bills.