Choosing the right type of LED lighting depends on a number of factors, but the main consideration should be the function for each lighting fixture. Lighting functions depend on the room and the use and include ambient lighting, task lighting, decorative and accent lighting. Choosing LED lights according to these categories can help homeowners pick out the most energy-efficient option for each space. Here is how you can choose the right kind of LED light for your home.

LED Task Lighting

Task lighting provides enough light in areas where the serious action takes place such as the kitchen, a workstation, or a vanity table. Task lighting may depend on the kind of task to be done but these types of lighting fixtures usually produce a brighter light than ambient lamps. Desk lamps and kitchen counter lamps are examples of task lighting options. LED lamps work best as task lights because of their bright, direct light.

Ambient LED Lighting

Also called general lighting, this type of light is used to illuminate an entire room. Ambient lighting provides the room’s natural light indoors. Pendant lights, track lights, and chandeliers are often used to provide ambient lighting. This type of light is soft and bright enough to provide illumination but not as bright as the light used for doing daily tasks.

Accent LED Lighting

Accent lighting is used to define or highlight a display. It is often smaller, can easily be tucked behind a wall or a work of art, or under a display cabinet or case. Accent lighting can also be placed to highlight indoor foliage or a specific area in the room.

Decorative LED Lighting

Decorative lighting is used mainly to add an aesthetic touch to a space, by providing diffused, soft illumination. Chandeliers and wall scones are examples of decorative lighting.

LEDs started out as a great source for bright, direct light. Today, homeowners have so many options when it comes to using LEDs for the home. This type of light source now comes in different designs to fit virtually any type of lighting requirement, whether you are looking for a retro Edison bulb with a soft, warm glow or modern track lights for a brightly-lit, industrial-themed kitchen.