12 04, 2017

LED Lighting Solutions For Driveways And Parking Lots

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LED lighting is quite popular today, LED lights can be found in gardens, along sidewalks, and even on garages. In addition to providing a much needed light source, LED lights can also provide an aesthetically pleasing accent to an area. This type of lighting can be used anywhere, from basements, to the home, and even […]

29 10, 2016

Maximize Use Of LED Stair Lights

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Successful residential and commercial lighting design takes advantages of the many features of LED stair lights. This modern lighting is energy efficient, long lasting and able to run on low voltage. It is also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Lighting with LED (light emitting diodes) fixtures or strips is an ideal solution for stairways, […]

28 06, 2016

Yoga Studio: How Commercial LED Lighting Can Enhance Your Classes

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A yoga studio needs to have a certain ambiance to help set the mood and help students feel calm. Setting the mood can be done with the colors used in the studio or with music, but there may be something else you are forgetting, which is lighting. Dimming lights might work, but you may be […]

26 04, 2016

Things To Know About Connected LED Lights

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Internet and mobile devices are not luxury possessions anymore. And products and services not embracing this changing trend are likely to trail. The LED lighting industry has taken cognizance of the demands of its always-connected users and has come up with connected LED lights. But what are these lights, anyway?

Looks and Efficiency

Connected LED lights aren’t […]

30 03, 2016

LED Lighting Industry Conventions Of 2016

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The LED Lighting Industry is continually on the global stage of innovation, providing unique opportunities to meet the needs and complexities required by clients from around the world. Throughout the remainder of 2016, there are three critically important LightFair Convention opportunities to be attended that help to highlight innovations in the LED Lighting Industry as […]

22 01, 2016

3 Amazing New Ideas To Incorporate LED Lighting Fixtures In Your Home

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LED lighting fixtures have come a far way in just a few years. The newest models are convenient, easy to install, and look beautiful in your home. If you’re still hesitant to make the switch to all

LED lighting here are some stunning examples to help ease your mind. Our top three amazing new ideas for […]

21 12, 2015

Use LED Lighting To Add Pizzazz To Your Space

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Home decorating with LED lighting is growing more common as consumers recognize the versatility of this relatively new type of lighting. It is adaptable to a variety of home decorating uses since it comes in many forms such as strips or bulbs and is available in all the hues of the rainbow. A real bonus […]

14 10, 2015

LED Lighting Systems From KLUS Design

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Led lighting is one of the most phenomenal inventions in lighting since the very first light bulb brightened a room. These lights are not only saving the environment, they are saving on utility costs as well. LED Lighting Systems For Home Or Office are a perfect alternative to traditional lights because they are both effective […]

24 09, 2015

Save Money And Go Green With LED Home Lighting Solutions

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Homeowners can contribute to a greener environment as well as reduce their energy consumption at the same time by using LED home lighting solutions. Light Emitting Diode lighting (LED) was once the preserve of electronic scoreboards, mobile phone screens, traffic lights, and Christmas lights. Today, due to technological advancements, people are using the technology to […]

24 09, 2015

P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt

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P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor is simply amazing. 20% of our electric bills come from items that are left plugged in when they are not in use, or items that are in standby mode. You can get actual figure of your electrical uses by the day, week, month, even an entire […]